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Salt Products

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We offer a fast efficient service with a Nationwide distribution Network to deliver our vast range of salt products to an ever increasiing customer base in all sectors of business and industry.
We supply Hotels , Hospitals, Nursing homes and all areas of the commercial and industrial sectors including the Medical and Pharnaceutical Industry along with private & Domestic customers Nationwide with our Next Day pallet delivery service.

We also supply Epsom salts Nationwide in 25kg bags direct to the consumer in single bag amounts right up to a full pallet / 40 bags
We also supply to the Equestrian sector where our keen prices and fast efficient service are much appreciated.

We are proud of the quality of service we provide to our customers and understand that reliability of service and consistant supply of product are the corner stones of our business.

In 2010 we introduced Zoutman Industries Salt Products to Ireland and are now Main Irish Distributor for their vast range of salt products in Ireland. With their no nonsense attitude to business and our get up and go approach we feel the skys the limit.

For trade enquiries and industrial users please contact us directly on 00353 (0) 71 9856142 or mobile 00353 (0) 866082844 or email and see if we can improve on the quality of service you require.

Water Softner Tablets

Our Water Softener Salt comes in Tablet and Granular form and is suitable for all kinds of water softeners both Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications.

Granular Water Softening Salt

Softsel Granular 2-4 Granular Water Softening Salt. Hydrosoft Granular Water Softening Salt.

Food Grade

Salt Supplies Irl are Distributors for Zoutman Industries Full range of Sea Salt products in Ireland.

Swimming Pool Salt

POOLSEL is a salt especially for swimming pools for the production of chlorine by salt electrolysis. Softsel Pluss Tablet can be used in Industrial and domestic water softeners.

Bath Salts Epsom Salts Sodium Bicarbonate

Epsom Salt is widely used in the sports world for treating muscle pain and bruising Recommend usage ina bath of approx 300g - 500g or 1 -2 large mug fulls.

Winter De-icing

Our Safe Road De-icing Salt is white rock salt that is cleaner and more efficient than alternative road grit salt products and is ideal for de-icing walkways, car parks and around domestic houses.