Salt Supplies Ireland; Available in pallets of 40 x 25kg bags

Available in pallets of 40 x 25kg bags

Marsel Sea Salt - Industry

Marsel Sea Salt is a very pure Sea salt that is produced in an environmentally friendly manner and contains a number of essential minerals and trace elements.

Available in pallets of 40 x 25kg bags or smaller quantities, please contact us for details and prices.

Marsel Sea salt available in the following grain sizes...

Marsel 0 .0-02
Marsel 1-2mm

Marsel 0.2-0.8
Marsel 1-3mm

Marsel 0.8 -1.2
Marsel 2-4mm

Marsel 0-0 -1.0
Marsel 4-6mm

Sea Salts are available either with or without Anti caking E535 / please specify on ordering

PDV Food Grade Salt

Salt Supplies Ireland; PDV Food Grade Salt


We supply Food Grade PDV salt 25kg bags / 49 x 25kg bags per pallet

25kg bag

JAMONSAL Pickling Salt

Salt Supplies Ireland; JAMONSAL Pickling Salt


JAMONSAL Pickling salt is made from very pure salt which is enriched with sodium nitrite

Application....JAMONSAL pickling salt is suitable for the production of meat products and is a preventative agent to prevent Botulism.

Anti caking E535
Silicone Dioxide E551
Sodium Nitrite E250
IFS Certified
Grain size 200-800 micron

Available in pallets of 25kg bag / 40 x25kg bags per pallet